quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2013

Jeans - all season round! Do you still need to think it through??

And plus, enjoy your new jeans with a very reduced new sweater or jacket!

  • Tommy Hilfiger Suzzy Antique Straight Jeans
£90, NOW £27,02
70% off

  • Tommy Hilfiger Sophie Antique Skinny Jeans 
£85, NOW £23,66
72% off

  • Miss Sixty Women's Shock Skinny Jeans
£93,60, NOW £21,35
77% off

  • Miss Sixty Pixie Slim Women's Jeans
£88,40, NOW £16,70
81% off

  • Killah Lifty Boot Cut Jeans

£88,40, NOW £16,70
81% off

  • Fornarina Hannys Women's Coat

£121, NOW £43,27
64% off

  • Fornarina Lindsay Knit Women's Jumper

£88, NOW £27,14
69% off

  • Miss Sixty Corine Knit Waistcoat Women's Cardigan
£120, NOW £42,07
65% off

  • Fornarina Nanny Women's Cardigan
£126, NOW £30,05
76% off

A special feature for one of my favourites - EMU =D

Can you think of anything better in these cold winter days other than your warm fluffy boots?

I can!
Finally being able to afford buying matching gloves and earmuffs =P  Take a look at this extremely reduced selection of EMU boots and accessories:

  • Emu Lutana Headband Women's Hat

£70, NOW £16,70
76% off

  • Emu Australia Penneshaw Women's Gift Set

£140, NOW £35,13
75% off

I can actually speak for myself in this case, and trust me you should not be missing this deal.... I have two pairs of this set, one in black and another in chestnut and these are the only gloves that can make my hands warm in winter time. They are of excellent quality and are super soft, same goes for the earmuffs. Comes in a beautiful gift box, so will make a fantastic present as well! 

  • Emu Australia Women's Angahook Earmuffs

£65, NOW £14,86
77% off

  • Emu Australia Otways Mittens

£90, NOW £19,31
79% off

  • Emu Stinger Mini Ankle Boots 

£125, NOW £60
52% off

  • Emu Stinger Hi Mid Calf Boots

£195, NOW £78
60% off

terça-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2013

Why not starting the day with a little jog?

Most of us are always postponing starting working out - there is always something in the way, even if it is just a lame excuse. So, take my advise and start practicing exercise for real and you will benifit in many ways - you'll have more energy, feel less stressed and start prepping for summer =P

Either you choose to go for a jog in the park or to the gym, you can't miss these great opportunities!

  • Reebok women's shirt
£17,50, NOW £4,30
75% off

  • Asics reversible skirt
£38, NOW £9,13
76% off

  • Nike Studio Airborne top
£22, NOW £3,28
85% off

  • Reebok Women's Trousers 

£48,20 , NOW £12,60
74% off

  • Puma Active short sleeve shirt
£33, NOW £3,88
88% off

  • Puma Women's Heroes Tracksuit top
£50, NOW £9,70
81% off

  • Nike Women's Race-day No-sew T-shirt
£40, NOW £5,80
86% off

  • Nike Women's 1/2 tight

£40, NOW £3,69
91% off
  • Nike Loopwheeler Jacket
£150, NOW £14,45
90% off

If you are interested, find more about Loopwheeler at : http://www.loopwheeler.co.jp/
This factory is one of the few today that uses loopwheeler machines, which were an older type of machine, to produce these sweaters. It is such a slow process that they can only make about 6 sweaters per day, but with a brilliant result - high quality that lasts for years.

Actually bought one of these myself and am not disappointed at all!

  • Nike Women's Dri-Fit Tech Layering Top

£50, NOW £4,19
92% off

  • Nike Ladies Cropped Hoody
£55, NOW £7,15
87% off

  • Reebok Women's Hooded Top

£37,68, NOW £9,27
75% off

  • Nike ACG Performance Pants
£100, NOW £11,51
88% off

  • Nike Women's Short Sleeve Top

£35, NOW £3,77
89% off

  • Nike Women's Full Zip Superlight Shell Jacket

£145, NOW £16,48
89% off

Neither rain nor wind can stop you from working out now =P Grab them while you can.

segunda-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2013

A little luxury for your wrist

What about spoiling yourself with a brand new watch? Sounds like a nice idea, if the price is as plesurable for your wallet =P Take a look at my suggestions:

  • BCBGMAXAZRIA Satin Ladies watch
£75, NOW £15,43
79% off

  • D&G Hoop-La watch

£205, NOW £55
73% off

  • Roberto Cavalli Ladies Snake Flower Watch

£335, NOW £117,90
65% off

  • Bulova Gents Adventurer watch

£219, NOW £99,50
55% off

Bridal bliss

We all now being a bridal on a budget is a difficult challenge. To help making your life a little bit easier I put up a selection of discount bridal shoes and bags that will make your eyes sparkle.

  • Menbur Zoe Bridal

£113,70, NOW £22,74
80% off

  • Menbur Mina Bridal

£122,40, NOW £24,48
80% off

  • Menbur Troya Bridal

£158,70, NOW £31,74
80% off

It wouldn't be complete without a cute little clutch bag...

  • Menbur Ariadna Bridal Bag

£96, NOW £19,20
80% off

  • Menbur Tamara Handbag

£51, NOW £10,20
80% off

Life is a little easier with good discounts, isn't it? =P

For a special occasion...

It is never a bad ideia to buy that gorgeous clutch or pair of shoes that you know you will end up needing. The truth is, whenever you resist that urge to grab another bargain because you don't need it right now, when  you're planning that special outfit, you will definetely regret it. And by that time, you will be running around the shops looking for the perfect combination, which will be hugely overpriced.

So, why not taking my suggestions for very special pieces at very special prices? =P

  • Menbur Women's Drust Special Occasion Heels

£121, NOW £24,38
80% off

  • And grab the matching evening bag while you can... There are different colours available!

£75, NOW £13
80% off

  • Menbur Essence Rhone Special Occasion Heels

£100,99 ; NOW £20,20
80% off

  • Can you resist not buying this bargain?

£48, NOW £9,60
80% off

  • Menbur Edwards Open toe heel

£140,85, NOW £33,73
76% off

  • Menbur Polota Evening Bag

£98, NOW £19,60
80% off

  • Menbur Essence Isre Heels - Other colours available!

£103,99, NOW £20,80
80% off

  • Menbur Chiers Evening Bag

£116, NOW £23,20
80% off

  • Menbur Istra Open Toe Heels

£129,50, NOW £25,90
80% off

What do you think of this selection? Hard to resist such tempting prices... Follow the links and get yours while it lasts!

Have a nice day with fresh discounts

A little inspiration from our friends in London . would you be interested in a new pair of Pepe Jeans shoes?

  • Pepe Jeans Telma Heels 

£75, NOW £15
 80% off

  • Pepe Jeans Murdock Lace up

£85, NOW £17
80% off