segunda-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2013

Bridal bliss

We all now being a bridal on a budget is a difficult challenge. To help making your life a little bit easier I put up a selection of discount bridal shoes and bags that will make your eyes sparkle.

  • Menbur Zoe Bridal

£113,70, NOW £22,74
80% off

  • Menbur Mina Bridal

£122,40, NOW £24,48
80% off

  • Menbur Troya Bridal

£158,70, NOW £31,74
80% off

It wouldn't be complete without a cute little clutch bag...

  • Menbur Ariadna Bridal Bag

£96, NOW £19,20
80% off

  • Menbur Tamara Handbag

£51, NOW £10,20
80% off

Life is a little easier with good discounts, isn't it? =P

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